Building custom software can optimize social data in 2013

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 8, 2013

As the new year gets underway and marketing executives start to map out initiatives for 2013, it's important to be cognizant of trends that are reshaping the way we do business. While some professionals remain steadfast in their assertion that old-school methods can still yield positive results, those that ignore marketing innovations are setting themselves up for failure.

Companies that have not yet capitalized on social data must do so in 2013. As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google Plus and Pinterest become increasingly popular ways for users to communicate with their favorite companies, the amount of data being formulated by such interaction is growing at a substantial rate.

Social data volumes should reach even greater heights in 2013, primarily because marketing professionals should use social media even more this year. In fact, a recent article in Business2Community suggests that engaging with Facebook users is so important, deleting a company account is better for the brand than not using an existing page.

"Is your Facebook fan page full of unanswered questions and/or complaints? Is it because you simply lack the time it takes to engage with them? Then go ahead and delete your page," writes Steve Parker, the author of the article. "If you cannot work out the time or funds to manage it, it's better to not be there at all."

This is not an ideal solution. While a virtually unused social media account is probably worse than having no account at all, the amount of data that companies can obtain from social engagement is too important to pass up, so it's imperative that all businesses do whatever it takes to maximize their social presence.

Conducting advanced social activity and managing excessive data must be done with pristine efficiency, so finding a way to optimize operations and harness data so it provides the best value is paramount. A FileMaker-based custom database software system can allow businesses to best capitalize on social operations.