How big data can move a business from good to great

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 5, 2012

This blog has discussed the advantages that big data can give to companies that are able to harness it properly. But, in order for this to be true, businesses must be able to do just that – have control over it.

Jer Throp, data artist in residence at the New York Times, recently wrote a Harvard Business Review article about how many managers and business owners are proclaiming big data as "the new oil." But while big data has the capability to give companies the necessary information for them to go from good to great, they still need engine to make the company move.

"When people are given the tools to store, visualize and explore their own data, they gain an understanding of the worth and utility of this information," writes Thorp.

By consulting FileMaker developers, a company can create the custom database software it may need to effectively understand big data and what it can do for the business.

While Thorp goes on to explain how American companies can more effectively handle the ethics that come with big data, and use it as a way to avoid the problems that may have occurred with the previous technology boom, the first step is to be able to acquire the software that's needed for a business to understand its power.

With custom database software, a company can effectively collect and manage large sets of information in a way that can create a more knowledgeable management team. This, in turn, can help create better business decisions, which can create a more profitable company, increasing the value of the data and the software that helps manage it.