Big data to grow to new heights in 2013: How database software can help

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 14, 2012

As the year winds down and businesses start planning for 2013, one of the chief concerns most companies have is how they will manage their growing volume of information. Big data is growing at breakneck speed and won’t be slowing down as we enter a new year.

The digital revolution has dramatically changed the way companies manage information. Today, data comes from all angles and, with the level of online activity growing by the day, most of it is digital. What were terabytes of information in 2011 became petabytes in 2012. As there is no end in sight, it’s important to implement solutions designed to manage growing data volumes.

Doing so cannot only prevent major challenges in the workplace, it can also be beneficial. The more information a company has to work with, the better it can modify its product offerings and customer engagement methods. An article in the online publication Business 2 Community examines the advantages increased data can bring to a company.

“Big Data technology is generally applied in all sectors of society, but especially in critical areas that benefit from this technology in a number of aspects, such as: loyalty and customer retention because they can create behavior patterns, promotion of new products and services since they can anticipate the needs of their clients, forecasts and projections because commercial transactions have also been digitized and optimizing production and distribution methods, which is where logistics systems come into play,” writes Andre Klein, the author of the article.

Database software can help businesses tackle big data challenges in 2013 and implement information into new-year strategies. By giving decision makers a real-time view of all pertinent data, they can make smarter businesses decisions for the company.