Managing marketing data from beginning to end

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 13, 2012

When designing a marketing campaign, businesses will need to look at more than just art and copy. Statistics and data have become main factors in the way managers decide where to place advertisements and how to word promotions and calls to action.

According to iMedia Connection, marketers should be monitoring data points before they even begin a new advertising campaign. It's important for every company to know which methods may have worked in the past, and which ones fell short. By doing so they'll know what to avoid and emphasize.

In addition, mid-campaign statistics are vastly different than post-campaign data. Businesses will need to monitor engagement and conversion rates at an on-going pace, while afterward they should look at it from a more encompassing point of view.

How custom database software can make the most of marketing analytics

By consulting FileMaker developers, marketing managers can create custom database software that measures the statistics that are specific to their own marketing campaigns. Although many businesses will need to measure basic data points such as conversion rates and click rates, not every company emphasizes the same avenues of marketing in their campaigns.

For example, one businesses may rely heavily on social media marketing while the other leans more toward email blasts. While each of these companies may need to keep a careful eye on how well its website is performing and the effectiveness of their call to action, the bulk of their statistics will be very different. One will consist of retweets and Facebook likes while other will look closely at the behaviors and characteristics of its subscribers.

Each can be accomplished using custom database software.