Improving a sales force: How to decide between big and little changes

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 14, 2012

When managers are stuck with falling or poor sales results, they are often forced to ask whether they need to fine-tune their sales teams or make massive renovations. Coming to a decision isn't an easy process with clear, black and white answers. But while traversing the grey area of this decision, there a few things managers need to look at.

According to Harvard Business Review, these include crucial elements  to a sales force such as the overall sales process, how it profiles and recruits sales representatives and even the types of clients they are targeting.

But, in order to make these determinations effectively, managers will need to undoubtedly analyze massive amounts of sales data.

Using custom technology to make sales force adjustments

This conundrum can be answered through the use of custom database software.

By maintaining and analyzing an abundance of sales force statistics, managers can begin to create a comprehensive picture of their team. This should be able to inform them on whether a couple small adjustments are needed in specific parts of the process to maximize the forces potential, or if the whole department needs to be gutted and re-arranged to get the most out of the available talent.

By consulting FileMaker developers, managers can create the custom sales force software that will aid them in this process. This technology can be crafted to analyze the basic data points that affect all sales teams, as well as whatever specific ones the company may need for its own, creating a more complete picture.