Gaining insights on employee behavior with custom software

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 15, 2012

While having a productive workforce is critical to a successful business, it's even more important for managers to be able to pinpoint exactly how efficient their employees are and where the weaknesses lie. This information can drastically improve the human resource decisions that supervisors make and can be analyzed through an investment in custom database software. In fact, a recent study by PI Worldwide shows that many companies are using technology to gain insight into critical employee behavior.

According to the source, leveraging this behavioral data can help ensure that a workforce is not only more engaged, but that managers get the most out of their investments in manpower.

For example, custom database software tweaked to monitor employee behavior can help managers gauge the importance of each individual worker. As organizations trim their size during a down economy, this puts particular onus on ensuring that every employee is performing to their potential. For human resource departments, custom software can allow them to form algorithms that determine how well a worker is performing and at what capacity of their overall workload.

This can help reduce hiring mistakes, which the source found to be incredibly expensive – upwards of 90 to 200 percent of an individual's salary. While major corporations may be able to afford turnover mistakes that result in an employee leaving before they can create a return on the company's investment, small businesses can find this lack of retention to be crippling.

Furthermore, by consulting FileMaker developers, managers can create a database that will allow them to store and analyze retention rates of specific employee models. For small businesses that are looking to scale, having a low turnover rate can be critical to ensuring that a stable foundation is laid for the company to grown on.