How companies should emulate two bands in the way they share information

Posted by Justin Hesser on October 11, 2012

With the rise of filesharing technology, many markets have undergone seismic changes in the way they function. One that’s probably experienced the most transformations has been the music industry.

When the popular British band Radiohead released its album “In Rainbows” completely online in 2007, only charging fans an optional donation to download the album, the success of the release brought shockwaves through the industry – millions of downloads at an average of $5 an album.

This influenced many more musicians, including up and comers the xx, who released their new album in a similar way in September 2012. By choosing one particular fan to initially download the album for free and then share it with friends across social networks, the band was able to create a buzz and fanbase before their album was released. They partnered with Microsoft to create a website that tracked the spread of the album across the world. According to the Harvard Business Review, the experiment highlights the tendency of information to be shared.

But, the story of artists such as Radiohead and the xx are just microcosms of how the spread of information can be a vital practice to not only the livelihood of musicians, but also that of businesses everywhere.

Regardless of the industry, being able to use a company-wide, custom application that allows employees to post sales figures, research results, product information and important client details can allow a business to grow and prosper.

When every worker has this information right at their fingertips, it leaves them with no excuses for not knowing what an account’s new art looks like at an advertising agency, what a patient’s insurance number is at a physician’s office or how many hours a junior lawyer at a firm may have spent on a client.

By consulting a FileMaker developer, companies can ensure that their employees have the tools necessary to not only get the job done, but do it as well as they can through the sharing and storage of information.