Pharma companies look to social media to ramp up customer engagement

Posted by Justin Hesser on October 29, 2012

As more consumers begin using social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, companies are being expected to maintain an active presence on these channels as a way to aid customers with questions and provide useful information on products and updates. While many industries have begun adopting this model, the pharmaceutical industry specifically is now starting to implement this tactic, according to a survey by Best Practices, an industry consulting and advisory service.

According to the study, more than 50 percent of pharma companies expect to use more social networking, online video and other digital mediums to increase brand awareness and communicate with customers.

This technology will be used to help businesses increase the timing and effectiveness of communicating with customers about diseases and developments in the industry.

How technology can be used internally by pharmaceutical companies

While pharmacies are expecting to increase their usage of digital marketing and social media to increase customer communication efforts, using custom database software can help increase their daily management and productivity efforts.

By consulting FileMaker developers, pharmaceutical companies can create management software frameworks and databases that allows supervisors to effectively monitor productivity in major research and development projects. Furthermore, software can be used to help delegate tasks, post documents to be shared with the entire workforce and help offices save on supplies by cutting many extraneous paper products that were necessary when employees had to submit reports and findings by hard copy only.

Furthermore, because these databases can help businesses cut office supply costs, pharmaceutical companies that are using social media as a marketing tool can promote themselves as an eco-friendly or green business due to their efforts in limiting paper consumption.