Remote workers can be supported with the use of custom software

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 11, 2012

Recent studies show that working from home can have many positive benefits for employees and their company. This may be why, according to Stanford University (which reported on the study) over 10 percent of employees in the United States say they regularly work remotely.

With the growing trend of working from home and allowing employees to bring their own device to work, it has now become critical for companies to provide their workforce with custom database software they can access from anywhere.

Especially because, according to Stanford University's report on CTrip's study, the employees who consistently worked remotely for a nine-month span saw an increase in performance by 13 percent, further encouraging the practice.

In addition, the control group, which worked from the office for the same time period, saw no increase in performance. The remote employees also recorded "substantially higher work satisfaction and attitudinal survey outcomes."

While CTrip's study may not speak for every company, the rise of remote workers is certainly an indication of the burgeoning trend. If companies wish to support a company where employees can work from home, they may want to invest in custom database software that can aid in project management despite being out of the office.

When attempting to finish tasks or make deadlines, it can often be imperative that the lines of communication are completely open and can induce the cooperation that may be needed to complete a task in a quality manner. While many employees may need to work remotely, by implementing a project management software program, managers can ensure that all employee are able to access task lists and critical documents when they need them.

Furthermore, using mobile database software, such as FileMaker Go, can help those employees who are even more remote by allowing them to access the same data and documents on their smartphones.