Most SMB mobile sites lack necessary capabilities, survey says

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 20, 2012

Mobile is on the rise as the latest iPhone is being predicted by many analysts to reach 27.2 million units sold by the end of the September quarter, according to CNet. Despite the increase and availability of this technology, a survey by vSplash, a data and analytics company, has found that nearly 98 percent of small to medium-sized business' (SMB) websites are not optimized for mobile use.

According to the press release, 76 percent of SMB mobile websites do not have a privacy policy, which can put them at risk of not being trusted by many search engines. Furthermore, 44 percent of mobile homepages do not contain a phone number or point of contact for customers to immediately access and 78 percent don't have a Facebook or social media marketing link.

"Some experts are predicting smartphones and tablets will account for around one-third of all website visits coming holiday shopping season," said Umesh Tiberwal, CEO of vSplash, in a press release. "According to our current data, nearly SMBs will be challenged to capitalize on this mobile commerce opportunity due to their incompatible websites."

In order for small businesses to take advantage of this rise in mobile usage, they may need to update their custom mobile software. Whether this is being used by employees to access data and key information from their mobile units, or customers to access the site and its call to action from a smartphone or tablet, improving a mobile site's capabilities in the near future can be incredibly useful for businesses.

By consulting FileMaker developers to assist with this process, companies can fully implement technology such as FileMaker Go into their daily operations as a custom application that can be molded to fit their specific needs.