How marketing companies can manage Big Data with custom software

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 17, 2012

Big Data has become a universal term in the current business world. While the idea of Big Data is so new, many companies that attempt to use it aren't entirely sure how to best implement it into everyday practice. While Big Data has the potential to be useful to nearly every company, there are certain ways marketing and advertising firms can best take hold of this new trend.

According to IBM, everyday internet users create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. In fact, over the last two years, we've created roughly 90 percent of the world's data. And, according to BusinessWeek, that data is prime information for companies to be able to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and web presence, something that's become critical in the 21st century.

"Where there's traffic online, there's opportunity for Big Data," Yuchun Lee, vice president of enterprise marketing management at IBM, told the source.

But in order to be able to not only manage the massive amounts of data, but also analyze and dissect what each metric means, businesses will need the help of custom database software. By consulting FileMaker developers, marketing firms can create and implement the system they may need to ensure that they not only provide creative advertising services, but also the right information to measure the success of the efforts.

Without the ability to properly accrue and analyze Big Data, account managers and small business owners wouldn't be able to make marketing decisions with the clarity and insight that the new form of information can offer. In this digital age, that can spell bad news for companies seeking to get ahead.