With business optimism rising, better data offers growth opportunities

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 14, 2012

According to the Entrepreneur's Organization, more entrepreneurs are seeing their endeavors and investments grow and scale despite a down economy. In fact, the organization recently released a survey that showed optimism throughout its membership.

The survey says that 59 percent of respondents reported a net increase in full-time employees through June 2012. In addition, another 62 percent of business owners expect their overall workforce to grow in the next six months.

Also, nearly 90 percent of respondents said that their access to capital held steady through June 2012 and even 31 percent claimed that it became easier to gain necessary funding.

"We are seeing some very positive signs from the world's entrepreneurial community," said Jason Jacobs, the lead researcher on the Global Entrepreneur Indicator initiative. "Hiring and revenues and profitability are all on the rise, and there seems to be a general optimism about the business climate. Compared to the pessimism we observed in the survey six months ago, the trending seems to be headed in the right direction."

When companies experience fast expansion and continue to scale up in order to maintain business, it may help for them to invest in employee management software. This kind of custom database software can help them maintain necessary employee information for payroll and tax purposes as well as help monitor important company information.

This corporate data can be used to assess which departments may need more manpower and which may be overstaffed leading to lost revenue. Regardless, the faster a company increases its workforce, the more organization it will need to keep track of the changes.

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