Use of data can be key asset to any sales team

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 7, 2012

According to Inc. Magazine, when it comes to selling a product, it's important that companies tailor their pitches and responses to address exactly what customers want to hear. By speaking to a sales team member who is able to provide some insight into the market and present challenges that can be solved with the product at hand, customers will be more likely to trust and buy the product.

In addition, establishing differentiation points from competitors will allow representatives to further establish their company and product as the best option. But, oftentimes, employees may not know these key statistics without help of customer relationship software that fits the needs of the sales staff.

"Big data needs to be a big deal for sales," said Jim Dickie, managing partner at CSO Insights, whose company recently published a survey on the importance big data for sales teams. "The amount of prospect information out there today is a blessing and a curse for sales reps. Our research shows that there is a need for new tools to help reps find the needle in the haystack. Leading-edge sales teams are already taking advantage with solid returns."

These "new tools" can be acquired by consulting a FileMaker developer who can create custom database software that will conform to the needs of any company.

By being able to accurately and reliably store key customer data as well as a historical record of all calls and customer interaction, companies stand a much better chance at converting leads. This is because the technology will allow sales representatives to gain more insight into what potential clients may need, and learn from the approaches of other sales or marketing executives.