Big data becomes big priority with many companies

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 28, 2012

Facebook and IBM may not exactly be the same company on the outside – one is a nearly brand new social network giant while the other is a historic software and hardware manufacturer – but both of them have become deeply invested in managing "Big Data."

The term has become synonymous, recently, with businesses and software companies investing in technologies aimed at managing massive amounts of electronic data. But, the term also applies to businesses big and small that are using statistics more than ever to make operational adjustments.

According to Wired, Facebook has been developing advanced software platforms to aid it in juggling the massive amounts of data its 900 million users create everyday. The Washington Post reports that IBM has created massive mainframe computers the company claims to be "its most powerful and technologically advanced ever," capable of managing huge data numbers.

While these major technology companies are investing incredible amounts of time and resources into the development of processing and translating big data, small businesses may be able to do the same in a microcosmic way.

By using custom database software, small businesses can track and manage a number of statistics and analytical data. This can be especially helpful with the rise of internet marketing and e-commerce.

As more companies attempt to bring in leads via their website and search engine results, using the data provided by analytic services to process and understand this information can aid them in building a better website and engaging in more effective search engine optimization practices.

Furthermore, crunching data on customers and clients is becoming even more prominent with small to medium-sized businesses. By analyzing common trends and  issues among customers, e-commerce companies will be able to improve their operations and customer relationships as well as create a more thorough understanding of who their model clients are and what they may need from the company.