Working from home is easier with database software

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 13, 2012

As technology advances, the ways in which many businesses operate change as well. In fact, more individuals now have the option to work remotely rather than in the office than ever before and even more wish they could. Recent survey results may prompt some business owners to allow working from home more often.

According to a survey by Citrix, a Florida-based software company, many employees desire more freedom when it comes to where they actually work. While 64 percent of respondents say they've never worked remotely, 32 percent said they would give up lunch breaks to be able to.

Working remotely is becoming a main fixture in the American workplace. In fact, the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) is beginning an initiative to allow its employees to work more effectively out of the office.

"This strategy seeks to create an experience by the use of mobile technology allowing them to function more efficiently or effectively from wherever they are and whatever device they are using," wrote Linda Cuerton, NASA's CIO, in the organization's blog.

BusinessWeek claims that in order for companies to effectively operate remotely, they will need a central database where everyone can access and upload key documents and projects. FileMaker – as well the mobile version, FileMaker Go – easily creates this solution. Also, database software can allow employees to access project task lists that they may not have been able to remember if they weren't in the office, which can also aid in productivity away from the workplace.

If other managers or business owners wish to allow their employees to work from home and, potentially, boost morale and workforce satisfaction, they may want to invest in custom database software such as FileMaker Pro.