Managing your employees’ time during the hectic summer vacation season

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 15, 2012

As the warmer weather begins to settle in and the summer months start to come around, many Americans will find themselves spending more time away from the office than usual. For many project managers, this may mean productivity could see a sharp decline during the next three months. But, with the use of custom database software, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case.

According to the survey by Morpace Inc. – a marketing research and consulting organization – 58 percent of Americans plan on taking a summer vacation this year, with only 26 percent anticipating not embarking on holiday. Over 60 percent of those planning on vacationing will be traveling farther than 100 miles from their home. In addition, roughly 17 percent plan on traveling abroad.

While the previous statistics may seem alarming to some managers on how much time individuals plan on spending away from the office, the fact that 42 percent of respondents plan on vacationing for "more than a week" can severely upset a company's workflow. This is especially true during the month of July, proving to be the most popular month for vacations with 44 percent of workers taking time off during the seventh month of the year.

With so many employees hopping in and out of workplaces for extended periods of time during the summer months, the use of a custom database software can help managers delegate tasks and projects to the available workers while others may be away.

Furthermore, for those employees on the road who wish to still remain productive, the use of mobile databases such as FileMaker GO can help these workers manage projects without needing to be in the office.