Email marketing can be an effective way to engage customers

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 14, 2012

When it comes to customer interaction social media is a great choice, but email campaigns are one of the best – and underrated – avenues that companies can take. While many companies are a little too weary at annoying their customers with email updates, Inc. Magazine provides some tips for the trade that will allow businesses to get the most out of these campaigns, oftentimes with the use of a custom database software.

According to the source, businesses should email more often. While most companies will send out one or two emails per month to promote a sale or a new product, the standard should be around one every one to two weeks.

That being said, crafting emails can be a timely procedure. But, the use of a custom database can help marketers store an email template they can use to help structure each email. Although many company emails may have a similar aesthetic, it's important for businesses to change up the content, especially if they're emailing more often than previously. Adding variety to an email marketing campaign can help keep customers engaged and looking forward to the next email the company may have to offer.

Furthermore, using "remails" is a suggested way to increase the amount of customers who will look at each email. By storing emails in a custom database software – as well as keeping track of analytics and statistics such as how long customers will spend looking at emails and which get opened – businesses can access them and send the email again under a different subject title. This may increase an emails return on investment from 20 percent to up to 100, according to Inc.

While these practices for creating and deploying emails are important, the analytics of the effects of the emails are just as important. In order to maintain a custom database that can efficiently hold and deliver these statistics, businesses may want to consult a FileMaker developer