FileMaker releases updated version of its database software

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 5, 2012

On April 4, software developing company, FileMaker released its newest line in database software, the FileMaker 12.

This update on the already excellent database solutions system offers numerous advantages for small- to medium-sized businesses. The latest update includes 16 different "Starter Solutions" that are pre-made templates that allow business to manage tasks such as content management and invoicing.

FileMaker 12 also includes 40 "themes" that allow users to update the way their databases look and feel. These include multiple "touch" oriented themes that were designed to comply with the increasingly popular iPad and iPhone. Although the mobile themes cannot be customized, users can create their own custom database software.

"The iPad is really influencing people's view of what design should be," said Filemaker vice president Ryan Rosenberg, in an interview with InformationWeek. "People think that you should tap to an icon and this get beautiful app that's really easy to use. Those same requirements are drifting over to Windows and Mac desktops."

Users don't have to be software development and coding wizards to enjoy custom apps and databases through FileMaker 12, though. "We have this entire platform that helps create these custom iOS apps and then deploy and manage them," said Rosenberg. "It's a great alternative to programming environments."

Although FileMaker has excellent design and capabilities in desktop computers, the product's performance does not suffer when being used on more mobile oriented operating systems. The FileMaker Go applications for iPads and iPhones have actually become free with the update. Before, FileMaker 12, the iPad app cost $40 with the iPhone version around $20. This can mean big savings for small- to medium-sized businesses if employees add these apps to their mobile devices.

If business owners want to see a streamlined workflow and increased productivity, they should consider seeking FileMaker consultants to help implement and kick-start FileMaker software in their business.