Homepages determinant of online profitability

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 22, 2012

E-commerce is a major facet of modern markets. If a business – especially a small one – wishes to be competitive in their respective industry, it's absolutely critical that they maintain an excellent online presence through the use of a well-designed homepage.

Hubspot – a Boston-based online marketing company – published an infographic on the 12 critical elements every homepage needs. Hubspot also stated that one company saw a 105.9 percent increase in online conversions from moving just a few key elements higher up on their homepage. According to Hubspot, to increase the potential for considerable profit gains, companies homepages should have:

1. A headline that informs the viewer exactly what the website is offering
2. A sub headline to offer a brief, colloquial description of the service or product
3. Benefits of using the company's product should be prominently displayed
4. A primary call-to action that will convert traffic into leads
5. Some key features of the product or service along with the benefits of using it
6. A couple short quotes from customers to prove the quality of the product
7. Success indicators like awards and recognitions
8. A clear navigation display so viewers can easily click their way through the site
9. A supporting image or video that clearly displays what the site is offering
10. Some kind of content – like a white paper or a News or Blog page
11. A link to a resource where customers can learn more before making a decision, since 96 percent of visitors are normally not ready to buy
12. A secondary call to action placed at the bottom of a page to remind a viewer what the company has to offer.

By seeking improved database software and consulting software developing companies to assist with the remodeling of their website, a business stands an excellent chance at capitalizing on the same profit increases.