Some simple tips to improve time management

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 25, 2012

The root of a business's productivity lies with its employees' ability to properly manage their time. That can be difficult at times with the many different tasks that need to be accomplished and the number of distractions in the office. Jason Womack, a professional workplace consultant, spoke with and offered some tips to increase efficiency with time management.

♦ Break up the day. Womack said that you should break up the day into 15-minute intervals. By completing tasks 15 minutes at a time, he says you can complete an hour's worth of work in 45 minutes.

♦ Get rid of distractions. Sometimes this is hard to do, and since everyone knows that eliminating distractions will make them more productive, he has a few unique ideas. He told the website that if you have a manager that regularly interrupts you, ask if he or she needs anything before you start working. Additionally, when you have to ask co-workers something quick, do it just before the hour since they may have a meeting or something to do soon and won't be able to talk long.

♦ Know when to move on. When a project is completely finished, Womack said that continuing to pick at it is a significant time-waster.

♦ Take advantage of extra time. Womack said to not be disgruntled when your flight is delayed. Instead, take the time to get something else accomplished. There are always quick phone calls or emails that you've put off, and when you have to wait for a meeting because a client is running late, get those minor tasks out of the way.

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