How to improve the sales team you already have

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 16, 2012

Anyone who's ever been in sales knows that a day of cold calling can make someone feel like Sisyphus, pushing an enormous boulder up an eternal hill. But, with some quick adjustments to your sales team's attitude, technique and organization, they'll be able to sell eggs to a chicken farmer.

Janine Popick, CEO of online marketing firm VerticalResponse, writes in an article on that not listening to your client can be rather quixotic. She said that by letting them vent about their problems, you can take the time to develop a solution that can benefit the both of you. If you can't put your finger on a resolution right away, repeat their problem to them to grasp a better understanding of what they could benefit from.

Being organized is key for any business, and that can start from the top. If you're a business owner and your sales team doesn't have its act together, try streamlining productivity with customized database software. Whether you need to keep an up-to-the-second record of your inventory or need to transfer sales details on the road, having all of your databases organized specifically to fit your needs can make your business look better and run more efficiently.

Try soft selling your product, writes Popick. Her business gives clients a chance to try a full version of her product for free for a limited time. This lets customers get comfortable with your product in a low-pressure situation. They can compare your product to competitors, and if they decide yours is best, they can happily choose your service over another's.

Finally, keeping a positive, confident attitude around the office can build your sales team's trust in what they are selling and their ability to lock down a deal.