What to know about FileMaker WebDirect

Posted by John Mathewson on December 10, 2015

FileMaker WebDirect is the perfect alternative if you do not wish to install or maintain software locally. It makes it easy, for example, for teams that work in remote office locations to share and edit information on the same server. FileMaker WebDirect can be used to securely collect data, such as status updates, event registrations and feedback forms, from colleagues and associates that are all across the globe.

Users can access FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser that is shared through concurrent connections in FileMaker 14. With the latest version of this software available from FileMaker, there can be up to 100 concurrent connections at a single time, with each browser session counting as one connection. This will allow a number of colleagues to be sharing information and data at the same time, cutting down on any inefficiencies.

It is easy for users to get up and running with FileMaker WebDirect. First, a solution tuned for web browsing can be created through FileMaker Pro. Under the FileMaker Pro 14 file menu, enable FileMaker WebDirect access to a solution. Then, upload the created solution to FileMaker Server 14. After all of this has been completed, users can access the created solution by using a concurrent connection in any FileMaker Server.

There are all kinds of new features in FileMaker WebDirect, from increased mobile browser support to a redesigned toolbar to menu items that automatically collapse and expand.

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