How to create better solution designs with FileMaker Pro

Posted by John Mathewson on December 30, 2015

One of the best aspects of FileMaker Pro is that it offers design tools for users to create powerful and easy-to-use solutions and databases. These programs work seamless across a variety of digital platforms and tools, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows or even the web. There are all kinds of options to help even FileMaker novices put together a beautiful solution.

Here are a few of the major tools at your disposal when creating a FileMaker solution:

  • Button bar: If you want to be able to easily navigate through your solution or even create a custom toolbar, that is possible through groups of buttons. Each button automatically maintains equal proportions as the window is resized, whether you only have a couple of buttons or a few dozen. Make the button bar vertical or horizontal and easily display the active state of each button.
  • Button icons: FileMaker Pro has 140 different professionally-designed button icons that cover a wide variety of tasks to use within your solutions. Users can change the icon color, apply conditional formatting and even important custom icons. These icons can be combined with button text and integrated with the button object itself.
  • Color selection: The color palette in FileMaker Pro makes it easy to create attractive layouts, even if you have trouble selecting just the right hue. Once you do click on a color, additional options automatically pop up in the window, so you can choose what best flows together in the layout.

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