How can you stay connected to your data using FileMaker?

Posted by John Mathewson on December 29, 2015

Here are a few major ways FileMaker allows users to stay connected to their data:

  • Enhanced security: FileMaker gives users enhanced password and encryption capabilities, meaning their data will stay safe even when transferred among a number of different people on the server. The Admin Console will help users create a strong password, as well as setting up a four digit PIN that can be used to reset the password whenever necessary. These security protections will help to keep hackers from accessing the information.
  • Server reconnection: If a user loses their network connection, or the server goes down for a brief period, FileMaker automatically reconnects the person when everything has become available once again. It will also bring the user right back to where they were in their solution, with none of the work lost or damaged. People can then continue as if the interruption had never happened in the first place.
  • Standby server: For those experienced administrators, there is an option in FileMaker that allows for the creation of a standby server that can be accessed at any time. If the primary server goes down, for example, a set of commands can be typed in, bringing the standby server into use. Data on this server is included in any and all scheduled backups, so none of the information will be lost over time. This will ensure the higher availability of this crucial data.

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