5 solutions to use with FileMaker

Posted by John Mathewson on November 16, 2015

Here are some of the most popular solutions designed specifically to be used with FileMaker:

  • Contact Manager: This will allow you to professionally organize both your personal and professional contacts with unlimited addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. You can also write reminders to yourself and notes pertaining to a specific person or organization.
  • DayBack Calendar: The DayBack Calendar is an elegant way for users to drag and drop files using clear, straightforward scripts. This is designed to be completely customized, meaning you can organize yourself and your scripts in the way you best see fit for your life.
  • dBaze Business Software: This is an integrated business software to use through FileMaker. This allows you to manage stakeholder relationships within your company, invoice work that has been done, organize costs and give your business the room it needs to grow and expand.
  • Invoicing: The invoicing solution is a great tool for those that own small to medium sized businesses. This allows users to create invoices for clients or customers, track inventory and other professional services. The invoice is a crucial piece in growing any small business.
  • Job Pro Central: Job Pro Central tracks jobs, how long those jobs take to complete, sales leads, actual sales, inventory and purchase order processing. If you think something is amiss with any rentals or loans you have taken out, Job Pro Central is a convenient way to check on everything as necessary.

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