Why should you use the FileMaker Platform?

Posted by John Mathewson on October 26, 2015

The great thing about FileMaker is that it is ideally suited for any individual's needs. Not only can users quickly create and run solutions that work seamlessly across a number of platforms — including iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac — that data can be easily shared with others.

You do not need any sort of programming skills in order to use the FileMaker Platform. Other resources require extensive, not to mention pricey, programming platforms. They can take weeks to put together and deploy correctly, and can often require separate projects for desktops, mobile devices and web browsers.

Here are a few reasons to use the FileMaker Platform:

  • Do it yourself: If you are not the handiest person when it comes to technology, you will still find the FileMaker platform easy to use. There are guides and demos that will walk you through how to create the right solution for your data.
  • Multi-platform: One of the best aspects of the FileMaker Platform is that users are not really limited with where their information and solutions can be created and displayed. Whether you own an iPhone or Mac, FileMaker will be able to adapt well. Other solutions and programs can only be supported by certain platforms.
  • Save time: The solutions in the FileMaker Platform can be created and run in only a matter of hours. With other programs it can take much longer to get them up and working, costing your business time and money.

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