What to know about FileMaker Go

Posted by John Mathewson on October 15, 2015

FileMaker Go is available for iPhone and iPad. The purpose of the program is to allow users the opportunity to run FileMaker solutions on mobile platforms. The great thing about FileMaker Go is how it allows people to share important information while on the move, all of which have the same power and capability of a FileMaker desktop solution.

Here are a few things every user should know about FileMaker Go:

  • Database encryption: The data you are working with will be completely secure while on your device or hosted on a FileMaker Server 14. The use of FileMaker Pro Advanced will be required, however, to successfully and securely encrypt all of your sensitive information.
  • FileMaker feature support: There will be all of the familiar elements of FileMaker that you have used in the past, such as portals, Tab Control, and the Web Viewer. Most script steps, Script Triggers and calculations are also supported in this mobile app.
  • File transfer: You will be able to move files among your other iOS apps on the same device, or use AirDrop to transfer files to apps on other iOS devices. This is possible through the iOS Share Sheet, which makes sharing data a breeze.
  • Starter solutions: While using FileMaker Go, users can select professionally designed templates that are tailored specifically for the iPhone or iPad. This will allow people to manage contacts, assets, invoices and anything else that is needed.

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