What is new with FileMaker Server 14?

Posted by John Mathewson on October 21, 2015

One of the great aspects of FileMaker is how developers are always working to make the program work more efficiently. This is especially important for those who store a high amount of crucial data. Here are a few things that are new with FileMaker Server 14:

  • Reconnect to sever: The FileMaker Server will not cause users to lose their work if they suddenly find themselves disconnected from their network. Should the server go down, FileMaker automatically reconnects when it is available again, bringing users right back to where they were in their solution when the disruption happened.
  • Security enhancements: There are enhanced password controls with FileMaker Server 14. The administration console will assess the strength of a password before it is even created and set, so users will know whether or not they are going with something that is either strong or weak. FileMaker will also encourage the creation of a password hint, as well as setting a 4-digit pin that will allow someone to reset the password.
  • Standby server: For those server administrators who are more experienced, FileMaker Server 14 allows a new standby server option to ensure that business data is always available when it is needed. Should a primary server go down, each user will have a set of commands to type in that will switch everything over to the standby server. All information on the standby server is also included in any scheduled backups.

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