What are the advantages of FileMaker Pro Advanced? Part Two [Video]

Posted by John Mathewson on September 30, 2015

Hey everybody and welcome back! Today, in the final segment of our two-part series, we’ll be discussing some of the reasons you should be using FileMaker Pro Advanced.

If you want to create a customized function for your files, FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to do just that! You can build your own functions and copy, paste or import them into any FileMaker file that you have on your electronic device. That way you can more easily navigate your files in a way that makes complete sense to you.

FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to view your data while troubleshooting a file. This means being able to monitor fields, variables and calculations all while dealing with specific problems with FileMaker itself that you might be dealing with.

As always thanks for watching, and be sure to check back here again soon for more helpful FileMaker tips and the latest industry news!