How can you stay connected to your data using FileMaker?

Posted by John Mathewson on September 24, 2015

If you are using FileMaker, there are all kinds of ways you can improve your experience. Here are a few ways FileMaker allows you to stay connected to your important data:

  • Reconnect to the server: If you are working on a solution in FileMaker and lose your connection to an internet server, or it happens to go down, FileMaker Pro automatically reconnects to the FileMaker Server once it becomes available again. This will put you right back where you left off in your solution before being disconnected, so you can continue your work without having lost anything.
  • Security enhancements: The great thing about FileMaker 14 is how the security system has been updated extensively. When you are setting your initial passwords, the admin control will indicate how strong it is, whether it is weak or strong. You will also be able to set a hint that will allow you to remember what the password is in the future. FileMaker Pro will also encourage setting a four digit pin that can be used to reset the password entirely.
  • Standby server: For those experienced server administrators, there is a new standby server option in FileMaker Server 14 to ensure higher availability of crucial business data. If the primary server does happen to go down, you will be instructed to type in a set of commands via the Command Line Interface to switch over to the standby server. Data on the standby server is also included in any scheduled system backups.

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