4 new designs available with FileMaker Pro Advanced

Posted by John Mathewson on September 21, 2015

Here are a few of the new design tools available for the FileMaker Pro Advanced system:

  • Button bar: FileMaker Pro Advanced now allows users to create groups of buttons that can be used for navigation or as custom toolbars. Each button, created automatically, maintains equal proportions as the window is resized, whether you have two buttons or 60. The button bar can be displayed horizontally or vertically, and the active state of each button can be shown.
  • Color selection: One of the most common issues people face while creating a solution is choosing the perfect color for the layout. The color palette in FileMaker Pro Advanced displays colors that coordinate with the theme you have made so it is easier for you to choose. Once you select a color, additional options will be available to match what you have already chosen.
  • In-field labels: FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to simply your layouts by adding placeholder text or instructions inside of a specific field. The text will then disappear when you type the final text you want to have displayed within the FileMaker solution.
  • Top and bottom navigation: You can easily move through your solution with new navigation options. FileMaker Pro Advanced will allow you to add buttons to the top and bottom bars that allow you to navigate through the entire layout. These parts remain static on the layout itself, so when you scroll through the entire solution your navigation will always be visible when you need it to be there.

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