Run FileMaker throughout your business [Video]

Posted by John Mathewson on August 26, 2015

Hey everybody and welcome back! This time we’ll be discussing a new deal FileMaker is running that will allow users to more effectively and affordably run FileMaker throughout their businesses.

From now until September 24, FileMaker is offering customers what it is calling the “Boost Your Business Kit”. This includes everything you could possibly need to create and run solutions on FileMaker through your technology, including your Macbook, iPhone, or Windows system.

Offering a 40 percent savings on the first year price, this offer from FileMaker includes 1 FileMaker 14 Server, 5 Concurrent Connections and 5 FileMaker Pro 14 at no additional cost. This deal is limited to one offer per organization.

As always thanks for watching, and be sure to check back here again soon for more helpful FileMaker tips and the latest industry news!