Boston has the second most woman-founded startups

Posted by John Mathewson on August 26, 2015

According to a recent report from Compass, a global software maker, Boston, Massachusetts is ranked second in the entire world in terms of the number of startups founded by women. The East Coast city trailed only Chicago, Illinois, topping a list that includes major cities from around the world.

The report, the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, found that 29 percent of all startups created in the city of Boston were founded by women, a full 9 percent above the international average. The city lost to Chicago by a single percentage point, showing how quickly the business hub in Boston is progressing.

Eveline Buchatsky, Director of Techstars Boston, a startup accelerator company, told that she credits this success to the female talent pool that is coming from both Harvard and MIT. The schools are preparing students to make an impression on the business world, particularly tech, in Boston and beyond.

"These feed the rest of the chain with good raw material that includes a lot of women," Buchatsky told the website.

Boston is home to a number of prominent female tech and business investors, including those behind CommonAngels, Boston Seed and ZipCar. The top five cities with female-founded startups included others from the United States, such as San Francisco, at 24 percent, and Los Angeles at 22 percent. Next on the list was Montreal, which was just barely edged out by LA.

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