3 ways to get the most out of a conference

Posted by John Mathewson on August 27, 2015

Here are a few easy ways you can improve and maximize your startup conference experience:

  • Evaluate other startups: The great thing about these conferences is they give you an opportunity to learn more about other companies in your field and see what they are developing. You can see how your own tech startup stacks up, which can highlight any improvements or changes that need to be made, as well as what you are already doing well.
  • Face to face meetings: It can often be hard to meet with in person with other people in the tech world, as a lot of business is done through email or over the phone. These meetings will put a face to the name and allow you to develop more of a relationship with contacts and clients. These opportunities do not come up every day, so it is crucial to take advantage of them when they do present themselves.
  • Show off your product: If your tech startup has a specific product or service that you are eager to show off, a conference is a great place to do so. Even if what you are developing is in the early stages, you can give potential clients and customers a sneak preview of what you are planning on rolling out down the line. This can help to build buzz and press for your company, which will be important to its long term success.

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