3 tips for hiring new tech employees

Posted by John Mathewson on July 14, 2015

Tech workers are an essential part of any business, which is why you will only want to bring on top talent to work for you. When something goes wrong in the office, you will want somebody there who can both fix the problem and explain it to you.

Here are a few easy tips to help you hire the best possible IT worker:

  • Ask them to break down a technical problem: A large part of a tech employee's day will be fixing IT problems in the office, which will require explaining what is being done to those who lack the same expertise. To ensure this is possible, have the candidate explain a tech issue to you in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Have non-tech employees interview them: Whether it is somebody from customer support or from the sales division, members of a different team should interview the potential employee so you can get their feedback. If the person is somebody they feel will be difficult to work with, chances are you should go in another direction.
  • Look for those with client experience: If an employee is going to be doing more than simply coding somewhere in the back of the office, they will need to have experience in dealing directly with clients or customers.

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