Calculation Functions That Every Developer Should Know
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Calculation Functions That Every Developer Should Know Demo Files

Calculation Functions That Every Developer Should Know Demo Files

With over 200 functions built into FileMaker Pro, how does a developer know which ones to use and when? In this session, you will explore 30+ built-in functions with example calculations. This session is designed for the intermediate developer. You will learn how to do many powerful and useful calculations that can be applied to a variety of common situations in your solutions. You will learn many reusable calculations that you can immediately apply in your solutions. We will also explore performance tuning in complex calculations and how calculations change when they are used with related data versus local data.

What you should know

Basic calculation creation.

Products & Technologies
  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced
What You Will Learn
  • Number/text/date/logic functions
  • Breaking down and understanding complex calculation
  • How functions change when working with relations
  • Making calculations execute faster

Demo Files: COR014 Calculations.fmp12

John Matthewson

Kyo Logic