3 tips to help you fund your startup

Posted by John Mathewson on April 5, 2015

When it comes to getting your tech startup off the ground, one of the most important aspects will be getting funding. While the idea you have is crucial, if you don't have the money to develop it, your ambitions will not add up to very much.

Having the right funding can really separate the startups that do well from those that falter. If you are currently trying to come up with the capital to get your company running, there are certain guidelines you should follow to realize success.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Enter a contest: While this might not be the most efficient way to get money, it certainly never hurts to try! There are tons of different contests out there for all kinds of industries, so find one that caters to your business. You never know what could end up happening, or money you could win, or which investors might be taking note. 
  • Have employees invest: People will be more interested and involved in the success of the company if they have money on the line. Asking your top management to invest is a great way to raise money while also creating incentives for fast growth.
  • Take out a loan: Of course, the most common way to get money for your company is to go to the bank for a loan. Just make sure that your finances and credit are in order before going this route.

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