3 tips to help land the tech startup job of your dreams

Posted by John Mathewson on April 24, 2015

If you are interested in working in the tech industry, there are plenty of ways you can get your career off the ground. For those looking for some excitement in their jobs, working for a new startup is a great way to get work experience while helping to build something great.

Like any industry, the tech world is reliant entirely on people who have experience and expertise. The trick is to find a place that can adequately take advantage of your skills, while allowing you the room to grow and expand your skill set.

Here are a few tips for finding your dream tech startup job:

  • Position yourself as having value: The indispensable hires are those that the company cannot do without. That is why you need to go in with something to contribute on day one, as you will be seen as an employee with extreme value to the business.
  • Know the process well: If there is a specific product that the business produces, you should be well-versed in what it needs for further success. This will allow you to be a person who can begin contributing of day one on the job.
  • Study the company: Before you apply or interview with the company, you should know it well, from the products and services it produces to the personnel who already work there. This will show your passion for the industry and excitement for their employment.

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