Massachusetts tech industry is flourishing

Posted by John Mathewson on March 24, 2015

Massachusetts has been a leader in the technology world within the United States for years, but a new report says that things are growing in the Bay State nicely. This is especially true for those who work in certain sectors of IT, such as engineers, programmers and robotics engineers, which are experiencing a wonderful amount of public and private support.

The Mass Technology Leadership Council released its annual "State of Technology" report for the state at the beginning of last week. Mass Technology Leadership Council is the largest IT organization in Massachusetts and is looked to for guidance in this arena. The group says that the tech industry in Massachusetts, particularly in Boston, has seen rapid growth over the last five years.

Across the entire state, dozens of companies have either opened or expanded, with the Innovation District in Boston flourishing nicely in this time period. This has had wonderful results, as the tech sector become the most concentrated in the country in Massachusetts in 2013. This means that tech jobs make up a larger portion of overall jobs in Massachusetts than any other state.

This has resulted in Massachusetts dethroning California as the most technologically savvy and heavy state in the entire country. What experts have noted is the the IT world in Massachusetts is diverse, as the jobs and industry are not tied up in one area of study.

"The remarkable thing is how diverse our tech ecosystem is, from big data to robotics to life sciences," Mass Technology Leadership Council chief executive Tom Hopcroft told the Boston Globe. "Our real strength as a region is the interplay between all these areas."

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