Governor Baker proposes combining statewide tech agencies

Posted by John Mathewson on March 22, 2015

While campaigning for the Massachusetts governorship in 2014, Republican Charlie Baker said that one of his main goals while in office would be to improve the economy of the state and reduce how much the government spends on certain initiatives. In his first proposed budget, Governor Baker appears to be making good on that promise.

The Baker administration is looking to make cuts wherever necessary. The governor is currently considering a plan that would merge several public agencies together in order to cut how much is spent on them individually. If the plan is ultimately approved, the public agencies that support the tech and clean energy industries will be one with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

The new Massachusetts state housing and economic development secretary, Jay Ash, says that state officials from the Baker administration have been talking to business leaders across Massachusetts about the possibility of consolidating these groups. So far, nothing concrete has been decided by either the business groups or by state officials looking to make the changes.

The future funding for the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, one of the major tech groups in Massachusetts, appears to be uncertain. When he unveiled his proposed budget earlier this month, Baker did not have any money listed for the agency, though a spokesperson for the governor said nothing is finalized and that doesn't mean the group will go unfunded.

This plan to combine the three major tech agencies and industries in Massachusetts would be a way to compromise between Baker's promise of budget cuts and the agencies' need for funding. Baker is currently reviewing all state agencies to determine the most effective ways government services can be delivered.

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