EMC Corporation to address skeptical investors and critics

Posted by John Mathewson on March 9, 2015

The EMC Corporation, a multinational computer data storage company headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is currently facing criticism from Wall Street that its earnings and production have grown stagnant in recent years. This is a charge that top executives will work to address and refute in the near future.

EMC Corp. is the largest technology company in the entire state of Massachusetts, employing 68,000 people worldwide with an annual revenue of $24 billion. Despite these successes, the company is set to hold a strategy summit in New York City on Tuesday, March 10 to reassure investors and analysts that everything is on the right track.

Most of the top executives, including the longtime chief executive Joseph Tucci, will be at the strategy summit. The goal will be to present new company information, review all strategic options, answer questions from investors and listen to the ideas or criticisms that those attending have for those in charge of the company.

Industry analysts are skeptical that this major meeting will change the minds of those that have been most critical of EMC in recent months. Those critics say that the major technology goliath has not been doing enough to increase its share value and articulate the long-term business plan for the nearly 40-year old corporation.

Executives, however, are confident that after this meeting all of those critics will be more confident in the direction that the tech company is going in.

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