Connecticut goes high-tech to deal with potholes

Posted by John Mathewson on March 12, 2015

The past few months have made this an especially difficult winter, particularly for those who live in the New England area. Record-setting amounts of snow have fallen in just the last few weeks, making the morning and evening commute even more of a hassle than it is already. The winter has also taken a physical toll on roads themselves.

If you live in an area that has seen an uptick in potholes and other road issues, that is likely due to the winter wreaking havoc on the pavement. Nobody wants to deal with these issues, especially because they can end up physically damaging your car if you are not careful about how and where you drive each day.

But now there is a way for residents of Connecticut to report potholes that they see on the road while they are out driving. In West Hartford, citizens are going high-tech with the support and encouragement of local government and public works employees to get these problems resolved as quickly as possible.

The smartphone app, known as "Your Gov," allows residents to login and report potholes that they see and where they see them while out on the road. This new app can be used either by smartphone or laptop. It works by the person taking a picture of the pothole and sending it in through the app, which creates a service request within the Department of Public Works.

Department of Public Works Director John Phillips says the rollout is coming just as the town is starting to deal with a myriad of potholes and other road issues that have been caused by this brutally cold winter. The department can be notified immediately and a crew dispatched, which increases the efficiency in which the problems are resolved.

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