Classroom project highlights importance of technology in education

Posted by John Mathewson on March 16, 2015

It can often seem as if technology is taking over our daily lives, for good and bad. There are those who would argue that being surrounded by technology all the time is replacing human interaction, although there is no question that it can also be used for good.

Take a recent classroom project that was completed by a pair of first and fourth grade grade classes at the Mountain View Elementary School in Bristol, Connecticut. The assignment was for the fourth graders to work in pairs researching different animals to present to the first graders in a series of presentations.

The topics varied from dinosaurs to beavers, while the fourth graders were instructed to use the interactive white boards at the school in order to enhance their projects and create the best presentations possible for the younger students. The teachers told a local news source they came up with the idea one day in early January while talking about the proliferation of technology in schools.

"Technology is everywhere in school now. Even with gym class, it can be as simple as you have Pandora on for the kids to exercise to, and the art teacher will put music on for the kids to get inspired," Mountain View Elementary School fifth grade teacher Stacey Pratt told The Bristol Press.

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