Two Connecticut cities named major U.S. tech hubs

Posted by John Mathewson on February 20, 2015

In a recent report from industry website NerdWallet, two Connecticut cities were named as major technology hubs in the United States. While California's Silicon Valley is still the undisputed champion of the tech world in the country, other states are starting to see that field take off in their own backyards as well.

The two cities that made the cut in the NerdWallet study were Bridgeport and New Haven. In the top 50 cities across the country, these two were the only ones that represented Connecticut, as they were found to be the most progressive and forward-thinking of the other cities in terms of the technology industry.

So what sets Bridgeport and New Haven apart from other cities in the area? NerdWallet had a few different pieces of criteria that all of the top 50 cities counted needed to meet. These included number of patents per 1,000 residents, the financial support available to the industry, and how close together these tech startups are.

That last piece of information is arguably the most important, as it shows an area's ability to share inventive ideas and ability for people to collaborate. The more startups that are clustered together, the more innovators can benefit from the idea sharing and common labor pools. Connecticut has seen a steady rise in tech startups in recent years.

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