Massachusetts has the most tech-heavy labor force in the country

Posted by John Mathewson on February 10, 2015

According to a new analysis that took a look at every state in the country, the workforce in Massachusetts is the most technology-heavy in the United States. This information comes from a report released earlier this week by CompTIA, a technology industry trade association headquartered in Illinois.

In the Massachusetts labor force, according to the report, nearly one out of every 10 workers is employed in a technological field, such as software, telecom, tech manufacturing, among others. With just under 10 percent, 9.8 percent to be exact, in the technology industry, Massachusetts was able to edge Virginia out for the top spot in the country.

According to the United States Labor Department, this amount came out to nearly 300,000 employees in Massachusetts working with technology in one capacity or another. The average wage of a tech worker in Massachusetts was $121,000, the second-highest in the country and nearly double that of an average worker in any other industry.

Not only is the workforce becoming more technologically-savvy, but the tech industry in the Bay State is also continuing to grow steadily each year. In 2014 alone, nearly 9,000 jobs were added to the technology field, making Massachusetts the fourth-largest in terms of job growth. There was also a growth in the number of positions advertised, with 16 percent more openings in late 2014 than there were a year before.

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