Connecticut adopts more high-tech criminal investigations

Posted by John Mathewson on February 18, 2015

Gone are the days when law enforcement officials had to rely on outdated technology to aid their investigations. Thanks to some much-needed improvements in the state of Connecticut, solving crimes will be much more technologically advanced, thanks to a device known as the P-20 Leica Scan Station.

State police in Connecticut now have the ability to virtually recreate crime scenes in order to help them catch suspected killers and other wrongdoers. This kind of technology had been used sporadically throughout the state over the past few months, but will now be standard operating procedure. 

Through a combination of lasers and cameras, the virtual reality device can help detectives search through a crime scene long after they have left the physical location. The lasers take millions of measurements that could be potentially important to investigators.

The ability to step into the virtual world and see the entire space from a full 360 degrees allows law enforcement officials to recreate multiple perspectives, including that of the victim, any potential eyewitnesses or even the suspect themselves. Putting their focus into the scene of the crime can open up a new world of potential questioning.

State officials say it is essential that accounts given by eyewitnesses are backed up by facts. When and if any questions in the stories come up, investigators can look into and analyze them within this virtual world, and help them to build a case against the person or persons suspected of committing the crime.

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