CloudHealth Technologies sees a massive influx of new investments

Posted by John Mathewson on February 23, 2015

A Boston-based developer of management software for the cloud, CloudHealth Technologies, announced at the end of January that it has raised $12 million in new funding. These new investments and influx of money were led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Scale Venture Partners, which joined those that already have a financial stake in the company.

CloudHealth Technologies offers IT services for those companies and businesses that are reliant on the performance of cloud-based software to succeed. Many companies in the Boston area — and across the entire country — rely on the cloud for a number of services, including data backup and new software applications for what they develop over time.

The services of CloudHealth allow these individual companies to monitor the performance of the cloud, as well as analyzing and tracking the best ways to use all of the features that the cloud offers. Any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly and more affordably than they would otherwise if the service was not being monitored by a third party.

"There is this ecosystem of cloud vendors forming as the world is moving to the cloud, and the market is moving very quickly," CloudHealth Technologies co-founder Dan Philips said in a public statement. "We are fortunate to be in the middle of that and accelerating like crazy."

The new investments will allow CloudHealth to expand its reach and capabilities in Boston, which is good news as Massachusetts' technology sector continues to make up larger and larger parts of the state's overall workforce.

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