Apple to promote third-party app development for Watch

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 3, 2014

The Apple Watch doesn't have a release date yet, but the company is looking to encourage third-party developers to work on apps in the coming months. Last week, a new job posting appeared on Apple's official employment website seeking an "Apple Watch Evangelist." The position requires somebody well versed in custom web application development to help others solve any issues with their software.

The Apple Watch poses a unique challenge, as well as unprecedented opportunities, to developers. Not only is it Apple's first wearable device, it has the potential to become the first wearable device to be adopted by the public on a large scale. Its apps will integrate with the existing App Store, but will have to be designed to fit the device and take advantage of its singular functionality.

According to reports, Apple has already released a software development kit, WatchKit, to major social networks. The company's website states that some apps are already in development from large organizations including Major League Baseball and Pinterest.

The Apple Watch will be available for retail in the spring.

On Sunday, a leaked transcript of a video call from vice president Angela Ahrendts to employees suggested that the Apple Watch will arrive in stores in the spring of 2015. This should give software developing companies a few months to work on their products before launch. Early news emphasized the device's potential to improve fitness and health care, but the possibilities go well beyond that.

Mobile devices have been a boon for the industry, as they have democratized software development and made it easier for small companies to enter the market. This is only going to become more true as devices become more diverse and the options more varied.