Survey: Companies satisfied with custom app development

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 29, 2014

Boston-based software company Apperian released the results of a survey of 100 executives at organizations that make extensive use of mobile technology. When questioned on which mobile investments have produced the most satisfying results, the most common response was custom application development, ahead of app management and bring your own device (BYOD) approaches.

Overall, companies reported positive results from mobile adoption, with 60 percent of respondents citing employee satisfaction as the biggest benefit, and 55 percent saying they had gained a competitive advantage. Sixty percent of those who reported a high degree of satisfaction have implemented a BYOD policy. Among the main issues with mobile adoption, security is the most common at 77 percent. Thirty-seven percent of respondents reported a lack of tools to determine return on investment (ROI).

"This study offers a more strategic perspective that can help identify best practices and critical success factors for senior executives to establish and improve their enterprise mobility goals," said Apperian CEO David Patrick. "As mobility in the enterprise continues to gain adoption, defining the optimal enterprise mobility strategy is absolutely critical and the information gained in this study will benefit all who lead mobility initiatives."

In order to address the issue of tracking ROI, software developing companies can adopt custom database software like FileMaker. With a customized database, businesses can keep track of all their relevant financial information and maximize their ROI by investing only in necessary features. The databases can adapt and grow along with the company, and they are fully cloud compatible, so that they remain in line with an enterprise's mobile adoption strategies and can be accessed by remote and field workers.