Big data skills bring employment opportunities

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 24, 2014

Big data is becoming more readily available every day, and with it come employment opportunities for those who have the skills to turn information into business results. Big data is a relatively new aspect of the business world, but it is catching on fast and in a wide variety of disparate sectors, which is driving demand for data-related training programs.

Salman Kureishy, program director for business and professional studies at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies, tells the Edmonton Journal that the school's enterprise data analytics program has seen overwhelming demand, mostly from professionals looking to add a new skill that will help them advance their careers. "Many are realizing they are moving to positions where they have to understand analysis of big data but have insufficient training," he says.

Courses like this one aim to teach students how to manage every step of the big data process: classification, manipulation, analysis and presentation. All these skills are essential for businesses to take full advantage of the information they gather.

"Being able to manage, organize and store data is important of course," says IBM Canada vice president of mergers and acquisitions Rob White. "But being able to take that data to gain insights and create meaningful information is becoming a critically important skill set."

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